By AOMEI / Last Updated December 30, 2020

Hard drive and hard drive clone

A hard drive or said hard disk is one of the main storage mediums in the computer that made of aluminium or vitreous discs. According to the working principle, hard drive can be divided into HDD (Hard Disk Drive), SSD (Solid State Drive), HHD (Hybrid Hard Disk). Among them, SSD is commonly used for system and HDD is commonly used for data nowadays.

To clone a hard drive in Windows 7 means to copy all data completely from one hard disk to another through software or hardware. Generally, if you use software, it will write the contents of the whole hard drive into a backup file in case of restoration next time.

Windows 7 hard drive clone usages

Some people don’t know why to clone Windows 7 hard drive. Thus, some reasons are listed below:

  • Reactivation and Restoration: hard drive clone can be used in the process of system recovery. It will clear original contents and restore system with the image file. At the same time, it may eliminate the computer virus which remain in the hard disk.

  • Prepare for the installations on a new computer: you can install software and use it immediately on a new computer. Besides, if you want to upgrade the hard drive, after buying a new one, you can avoid installing again by cloning.

  • Full backup: You can do a full backup of OS and installed software on your computer. It may save a lot of time in system recovery in the future.

Clone hard drive in Windows 7 with free AOMEI Partition Assistant

Here’s an easy way to clone hard drive with freeware - AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition. It supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

Free download, Install, and launch it. (Please make sure that there’s unallocated space on the destination hard disk or SSD. And it should be equal to or larger than the source disk or the used space on the source disk.)

Download Freeware Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. In the main interface, click "All Tools" and "Disk Clone Wizard".

Choose Disk1

Step 2. Please read the difference between the two methods in the pop-up window. Here we choose the default one.

Quickly Copy

Step 3. Choose your source disk and the destination disk. You can tick "Optimize the performance of SSD" to improve the reading and writing speed of SSD. (If there are partitions on the destination disk, they will be deleted. You can make a backup of data with free AOMEI Backupper if they are important.)

Select Destination

Step 4. It allows you to adjust the partition size on the destination disk if you choose "Copy Disk Quickly". Choose the one you need. (here we don’t make any change.)

Edit Disk

Step 5. After disk edit, click "Apply" to start cloning hard drive.

Apply Operation


  • If the hard drive which you want to clone contains system boot partition, the the operation will be completed under PreOS Mode.

  • Lost files can only be copied through "Sector-by-Sector Clone".

  • For system disk, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition supports cloning MBR to MBR. If you need to clone MBR system disk to GPT or clone GPT system disk to MBR/GPT, you can use AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition.